Benzo Fury ONLINE recommends to be familiar about all information concerning purchasing benzo fury in our online store.

Benzo Fury ONLINE is a company who sells only products which are legal in the USA and European Union. You can see some pages dedicated to prohibited research chemicals in the US. It was done only to have a good ranking among search engines. We do not sell such bath salts and they aren’t available in Benzo Fury ONLINE store.

Benzo Fury ONLINE recommends to get acquainted with possible risks about research chemicals when you decided to buy them in our online store. We do not sell benzo fury for personal use. It is forbidden to use this research chemical in any illegal way. Benzo fury must be bought only by research organizations, professional and legal scientists for their researches and experiments.

In case you decided to buy benzo fury on Benzo Fury ONLINE website, you automatically became aware and agree with the following information:

  • We sell research chemicals for people who are 18 years old or older.
  • Benzo Fury ONLINE doesn’t support any inappropriate usage of the provided designer drug including illegal ways.
  • In case of any damages and financial loses, you agree that Benzo Fury ONLINE is not liable for any harm.
  • Before buying benzo fury, you have to be informed about legal issues and some other restrictions concerning benzo fury in the country of your residence.
  • You confirm your awareness about possible health hazards from benzo fury usage.
  • It is possible to buy benzo fury in Benzo Fury ONLINE confirming your belonging to research institutions or aother organizations which have the right to use designer drugs.
  • You can not return received order if you purchase it in Benzo Fury ONLINE.
  • Our company guarantees your order will be shipped just after receiving the payment or in 5 days.
  • Benzo Fury ONLINE is not responsible about time of shipping. It straightly depends of the chosen company.
  • Benzo Fury ONLINE delivers orders only if they are fully paid including all taxes and fees.