• Dibutylone

Dibutylone molar mass: 235.28 g/mol

Formula of dibutylone: C13H17NO3

Dibutylone CAS number: 802286-83-5

Dibutylone form: white crystalline powder

Purity: over 99%

Other names: bk-DMBDB, Booty, Beauty

Category: synthetic drug

Smell: citric-acid

Dibutylone is similar to: amphetamine, phenethylamine, butylone, MDMA, cathinones

Legal status: legal in most countries around the world

Dibutylone effects: euphoria, feeling of calm and relaxation, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, hallucinations, sweating, wakefulness.

It was admitted by users who have already tried dibutylone that it could be used together with other substances. However, it is better to check this fact personally.

It doesn’t cause any negative side effects if you follow the dosage. Dibutylone provides stimulation effects as it is a psychedelic drug. One of the main and most widespread effects from dibutylone usage is feeling of relief from mental pressure.

Users stated lots of advantages which they had from using dibutylone. In spite of the fact that this designer drug is newly presented in the international market of research chemicals, it is on a great demand.

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Dibutylone is a designer synthetic drug for research purposes only. You have to follow necessary rules when handling the substance. Only professional researchers and scientists can use dibutylone.

About Dibutylone

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